Computability in Europe Association

The CiE series of conferences now has an associated association. At 0 EUR, membership is pretty cheap! By the way, next year’s CiE in Heidelberg will be a blast for the logic-y side of computation. Jeremy Avigad has agreed to be one of the invited speakers, Pavel Pudlák will give a tutorial, and there will be a session on philosophical and mathematical aspects of hypercomputation organized by Phil Welch and James Ladyman. Deadline for paper submission is January 20, 2009.

After four very successful conferences in Amsterdam in 2005, Swansea in 2006, Siena in 2007 and Athens in 2008, our community has officially formed the association

Computability in Europe

at the Annual General Meeting at this year’s Computability in Europe conference in Athens. The object of the Association is to promote the development, particularly in Europe, of computability-related science, ranging over mathematics, computer science, and applications in various natural and engineering sciences such as physics and biology. This also includes the promotion of the study of philosophy and history of computing as it relates to questions of computability. A draft constitution of the Association can be found at

We invite every researcher interested in the object of the Association to become a member. The initial membership fee is set at zero, and lasts until 30 June 2010.

To apply for membership of the Association, please complete and submit the form at

Any enquiries concerning association CiE membership should be sent to the Membership Secretary, Arnold Beckmann, at

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