Kripke on Hilbert’s Program

The ASL Newsletter went out today, and it looks like the Winter Meeting will be very exciting:

2008-09 ASL Winter Meeting (with APA) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 27–30, 2008

This meeting will be held jointly with the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association. The program includes three invited sessions. For the first, a panel on Historical Ideals of Rigor in Mathematics, the invited speakers are: J. Folina, D. Jesseph, and D. Schlimm. The second invited panel, on Diagrammatic Reasoning in Mathematics, includes the following speakers: E. Grosholz, K. Manders, and S.-J. Shin. The speaker for the third invited session is S. Kripke, whose talk is entitled, The Collapse of the Hilbert Program.

I want to see every one of these talks! But I can’t go! I want to know especially what Kripke has to say about Hilbert’s Program. Can someone tape it for me? Or write a guest post about it? Pretty please? Maybe someone already knows what he will say because they attended the lecture of the same title at Indiana University a year ago, or this year at the Truth Values workshop in Dresden, or took his course at CUNY in 2005?

3 thoughts on “Kripke on Hilbert’s Program

  1. Word on the street (and by street I mean…Kripke center) is that he has a new and shockingly intuitive proof of Godel’s second theorem which does not involve a detour through the first theorem. I haven’t personally seen him give the proof, but it sounds rather exciting, and Kripke is supposedly writing a book about it.So the talk could be about that, although it might just be something historical. One never knows about these things.

  2. Link to his Indiana talk

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