Paul Bernays at 120

In addition to the new special issue celebrating the 50th anniversary of Gödel’s Dialectica interpretation, Wiley-Blackwell has made the original Dialectica issue in which it appeared freely available. That issue itself was a Festschrift in honour of Paul Bernays’s 70th birthday. (I’m sorry I’m late to herewith commemorate the 120th birthday of Bernays, who was born October 17, 1888.) The issue also includes the classics “Hilbert’s programme” by Kreisel, “80 years of foundational studies” by Wang, and “Observation language and theoretical language” by Carnap, in addition to papers by Ackermann, Beth, Curry, Heyting, Fraenkel, Gonseth, Goodstein, Hermes, Péter, A. Robinson, Schütte, Schmidt, Skolem, and Specker.

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