Save Canadian Grad Student Funding in Humanties and Social Sciences!

The Conservative government’s budget includes additional funding for Canada’s granting councils to expand their graduate scholarship programs. The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada stands to gain an additional $17.5 million, or 500 additional PhD scholarships and 1,000 additional MA scholarships. The catch: SSHRC’s money is earmarked for “business-related degrees”.

If you’re Canadian, please sign the petition against this circulated by Niki Ashton, MP.

There’s also a Facebook group and a call for 2 weeks of action and an article in the Globe and Mail.

One thought on “Save Canadian Grad Student Funding in Humanties and Social Sciences!

  1. It seems to me very shocking that in this economic situation, everybody is trying to get more money from governments, specially in US and Canada. Big companies have got lots of tax payer money unjustly, so now everybody else is asking for money. The argument is if you can give billions of tax payer’s money to companies to save their ***, then of course you can give a few thousands for good people like philosophers, and governments can not argue against it.This shows me how greedy we have become, how corrupt our business and government have become, how inefficient the market has become, and I feel that this crises is going to hurt much more than anyone has This comment is not against this special petition, it is just a remark about what I am observing recently.

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