Carnap Action in Paris

In between thinking and lecturing about the epsilon-calculus, I’m in Paris for a few days: it’s where all the Carnap action is right now. Heard wonderful talks by the likes of Steve Awodey, Dan Isaacson, Alan Richardson, Erich Reck, Delphine Chapuis-Schmitz, and Tom Uebel, unfortunately missed those by Michael Beaney, Juliet Floyd, and Rick Creath, and looking forward to some by André Carus, Gottfried Gabriel, Peter Hylton, Thomas Morman, and Pierre Wagner today. Thanks to Pierre for putting on this exciting conference!

2 thoughts on “Carnap Action in Paris

  1. Isn’t it overdue for an article on Carnap in the SEP?Although mentioned in 133 other articles at the moment, he apparently hasn’t his own yet.Perhaps one of your conferees will set this right.

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