Vienna Waits For Me

At least I hope it does. I’ll see in a couple of days, when I get there. Scheduled to give a talk on proof interpretations at the Institute Vienna Circle on Thursday (5 pm, Institut für Zeitgeschichte, Uni Wien Campus, Hof 1, 2. Stock, links). Friday, I start teaching a short course on the epsilon calculus at the TU Wien Logic Group. It’ll be 10-2 in the seminar room of the department, 185/2, Favoritenstrasse 9, 3rd floor, yellow zone. Both of those will be in English, contrary to what you might think from the content of the linked pages.

3 thoughts on “Vienna Waits For Me

  1. “I’ll see in a couple of days, when I get there.” If it hasn’t waited, it won’t be where you left it and you won’t get there successfully.

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