Review of Symbolic Logic Published Two of Ten Best Papers of 2008

The new journal of the Association for Symbolic Logic, the Review of Symbolic Logic, started up in 2008. Two of the papers in that first volume were selected for the Philosopher’s Annual, vol 28, which each year “attempts to select the ten best papers in philosophy published in each year”. They are:

  • Thomas Forster, The Iterative Conception of Set, Review of Symbolic Logic 1:1 (2008), 97-110
  • Penelope Maddy, How Applied Mathematics Became Pure, Review of Symbolic Logic 1:1 (2008), 16-41

Only the Phil Review also had more than one (viz., three) papers selected. The selected papers also include another logic paper:

  • Fabrizio Cariani, Marc Pauly & Josh Snyder, Decision Framing in Judgment Aggregation. Synthese 163 (2008), 1-24

You can read the papers online (and free) at the Philosopher’s Annual website. Congratulations to all the authors!

2 thoughts on “Review of Symbolic Logic Published Two of Ten Best Papers of 2008

  1. Maddy’s paper was really awesome. I couldn’t put it down till I finished it.

  2. Agreed. It’s an impressive historical sweep with a strong moral about indispensability. Peter Simons

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