Bleg: Philosophy of Language Anthologies

I’m supposed to choose a text for my philosophy of language course next term. So far I’ve always used Martinich, but I’m getting bored with it.  Also, of the available options, it seems to be the most expensive one.  I’ve looked at Ludlow’s collection, but that’s maybe a bit too heavy (both literally and figuratively).  Also, he misspells Carnap’s name.  I’m gravitating towards Byrne and Kölbel’s Arguing about Language right now.  It’s missing a few topics/pieces which I would have covered (notably, no speech acts, and no Putnam), but in return it covers a few things that aren’t covered in Martinich and/or Ludlow (vagueness, metaphor, fictional discourse).  Also, it’s got the highest percentage of female contributors, and the lowest price tag.  Any experiences? Advice?

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