Logic in the Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum

As part of the work of the Committee on Logic Education of the Association of Symbolic Logic, Marcia Groszek and Tamara Lakins organized a special session on logic in the undergraduate mathematics curriculum at the Joint Mathematics Meeting last month in New Orleans.  The session was very successful: excellent talks, good turnout.  The talks were:

  • Breadth, Depth, Disputes, Drama, and Campus Pranks:  The Possibilities and Pleasures of Co-teaching Logic, by James M. Henle
  • A Course Emphasizing Mathematical Logic and Reasoning that is Appropriate for General Education and Elementary Education Majors, by Warren W. Esty
  • Seemingly Abstruse Logical Principles Have Practical Importance, by Susanna S. Epp
  • Applied Logic Courses in the Mathematics Curriculum, by Lawrence S. Moss
  • Technology in Logic Education:  Courseware, Automated Assessment and Data Minin, by Dave Barker-Plummer

You can find abstracts and links to the presentation materials on the ASL CLE’s page on the special session.

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