Illustrated Ways of Paradox Complete with 1960’s Ads

The title essay of Quine’s The Ways of Paradox was originally published in the Scientific American 206 (April 1962). Retrodigitized back issues of the Scientific American are now available (for free, it seems) on the website of Nature.  You can now read Quine’s classic essay in its full original glory, complete with neat illustrations such as this one of the Barber Paradox:

Also cool: vintage ads for nerdy things like scientific instruments, computers, and jobs at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory from the 1960’s.

Plenty more where that came from, e.g., Tarski’s article “Truth and Proof“, Nagel and Newman on “Gödel’s Proof“, Davis and Hersh on “Hilbert’s 10th Problem“, Paul Cohen and Hersh on “Non-Cantorian Set Theory“, and John Hopcroft on “Turing Machines“.

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