Vienna Summer of Logic: Call for Volunteers

What is the Vienna Summer of Logic?

With over 2000 expected participants, the Vienna Summer of Logic 2014 (VSL) will be the largest event in the history of logic. It will consist of twelve large conferences and numerous workshops, attracting researchers from all over the world. The VSL will take place 9th-24 July 2014, at the Vienna University of Technology in Vienna, Austria.

The VSL conferences and workshops will deal with the main theme, logic, from three important aspects: logic in computer science, mathematical logic and logic in artificial intelligence. The program of the conference consists of contributed and invited research talks and includes a number of social events such as a student reception. For more information, visit

Vienna Summer of Logic Student Volunteers?

The VSL is organized by the Kurt Goedel Society, and preparations for this event have started some time ago. The most critical phase in the organization of any large scientific meeting is, of course, the time of the meeting itself! To ensure that all the scientific and social meetings taking place in the course of the VSL can be conducted successfully, the organizers of the VSL need your help as a VSL volunteer.

What are a volunteer’s duties?

There are many tasks at the VSL that will be performed by volunteers, such as helping with the registration of the participants at the conference, assisting with the use of the technical infrastructure at the conference site, etc. Each volunteer will be supervised by one of the senior organizers who will be the volunteer’s contact person at the conference.

What are a volunteer’s perks?

The most important benefit of volunteering is that volunteers may attend all the VSL conferences for free: this means that you can attend all the research talks given at the conferences, and mingle with the researchers during the coffee breaks. More precisely, your time at the VSL will be divided in the following way: 50% free time to attend lectures of your choosing, 30% fixed volunteer’s duties, and 20% ,,standby duty”. Furthermore, all volunteers may participate in the conference’s student reception (which is a party for all the students participating at VSL), and will receive a VSL volunteer’s t-shirt to be able to proudly display their participation in this event in the years to come.

How do I become a volunteer?

Interested in becoming a Vienna Summer of Logic volunteer? Please visit

for the application form. The deadline for applications is May 25, 2014. Applicants that have been chosen as volunteers will be contacted before June 1, 2014.

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