Kennedy’s Interpreting Gödel Out Now

Interpreting Gödel: Critical Essays, edited by Juliette Kennedy, was just published by Cambridge. It looks extremely interesting, with an all-star cast of contributors:

  1. Introduction: Gödel and analytic philosophy: how did we get here? Juliette Kennedy
    Part I. Gödel on Intuition:
    2. Intuitions of three kinds in Gödel’s views on the continuum, John Burgess
    3. Gödel on how to have your mathematics and know it too, Janet Folina
    Part II. The Completeness Theorem:
    4. Completeness and the ends of axiomatization, Michael Detlefsen
    5. Logical completeness, form, and content: an archaeology, Curtis Franks
    Part III. Computability and Analyticity:
    6. Gödel’s 1946 Princeton bicentennial lecture: an appreciation, Juliette Kennedy
    7. Analyticity for realists, Charles Parsons
    Part IV. The Set-theoretic Multiverse:
    8. Gödel’s program, John Steel
    9. Multiverse set theory and absolutely undecidable propositions, Jouko Väänänen
    Part V. The Legacy:
    10. Undecidable problems: a sampler, Bjorn Poonen
    11. Reflecting on logical dreams, Saharon Shelah.

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