Intro Logic Lecture Slides

I’ve put the source code for my Logic 1 lecture slides into GitHub. That’s a pretty standard intro logic course, using Language, Proof & Logic as a text.  I do have mainly computer science students in the course, and I try to make the material relevant to them as much as possible.  There are also some (I think) cool examples of logic in action in philosophy, especially a really good illustration of quantifier alternation by Mary Astell (in lecture 15).  It’s all CC0 licensed, so you can use it completely freely in your own lectures if you wish. PDFs are here, you can make print-friendly versions of each by changing the included header in each file.  I’ve been meaning to clean them up, but I won’t get to teach Logic 1 until a year from now at the earliest. So provided as-is, use with caution, etc.

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