Association of Symbolic Logic Abstract Deadline Today!

The deadline to submit abstracts for contributed talks at the ASL Annual Meeting in Storrs, CT this May is today!

There will be a super exciting Special Session on History and Philosophy of Logic, featuring:

  • Teresa Kouri (Ohio State), Carnap on translations
  • Daniel Nolan (ANU), Reflections on Routley’s Ultralogic Program
  • Dave Ripley (UConn), Toward a naive type theory
  • Gil Sagi (MCMP), Invariance criteria: terms and constraints
  • Zeynep Soysal (Harvard), Unfolding the content of the concept of set
  • Sean Walsh (Irvine), The prehistory of the subsystems of second-order arithmetic (joint work with Walter Dean)

[Photo: Manchester Hall CC-BY-ND by Ray Kingston]

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