Learning Outcomes and Grade Specifications in a Formal Logic Course

Zach, Richard. 2021. “Learning Outcomes and Grade Specifications in a Formal Logic Course.” Poster presentation presented at the Mastery Grading University Conference 2021, Online, June 11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q6rAyXfrz2k79NtaHoMREQ9IDagnbvLN/view.

Formal logic is a staple of undergraduate philosophy departments. Courses are typically run as straight lectures, with problem sets and exams. I will describe a design for such a course that uses a flipped online model, with three weekly activities: short problem sets, multiple-choice quizzes, and timed exam problems. Grading is automated, using the online Carnap platform, which also gives students instant feedback. Each week corresponds to one of twelve learning outcomes. Final grades are assigned based on completing a number of weekly activities (specification-based grading replaces the usual points system).

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