Ah, to be a grad student again…

One nice thing about spending a sabbatical at LPS in Irvine is that I get to sit in on some really cool classes. One, I’m attending Jeff Barrett‘s course on Quantum Mechanics. I never actually had a chance to study QM, and I’ve always been interested. Maybe it’ll help me understand what quantum logic is about. Guido Bacciagaluppi taught a seminar on that at Berkeley the last term I was there; but I was teaching at Stanford then (not to mention I had to finish my thesis!) and was unable to take it. Then Pen Maddy is giving an exciting graduate seminar entitled “Second Philosophy: Word-World Connections [PDF]” which will basically be on truth (correspondence and disquotational theories, Wright’s minimalism) and on Mark Wilson‘s forthcoming book Wandering Significance. It starts tomorrow. I have to go re-read Tarski (and Field and Etchemendy) now.

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