The OC

Yesterday, I arrived in Irvine, Calif., where I’ll be spending the Fall quarter at the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of California. I’m very excited: it’s a very good department, there are lots of people here to talk to, and I get to take some seminars! The downside: it’s in the middle of Orange County, and you need a car to do anything. I walked for 2 hours today, and passed exactly 5 people (who weren’t walking to or from a car).

4 thoughts on “The OC

  1. Well, jeez, HOW MUCH MORE of a reason could you possibly need to FINALLY GET YOUR BUTT ON THE DRIVER’S SEAT OF A – gasp – AUTOMOBILE?Oh, the horror.

  2. Don’t give in … I like that there are now other people in the department who don’t drive! – Nicole

  3. Having to wear one of these to Uni/work isn’t cool.Rarely is there good legislation. So do what you can. Resist.-M Tobiasz

  4. as someone who was raised in orange county, lemme tell you: you have more problems than transportation. rampant conservatism?but maybe the ghost of derrida is floating around in a coffee shop or hallway somewhere.

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