LaTeX for Logicians

It’s been up for a while now, but better late than never: Peter Smith (Cambridge) has set up a very handy page of links to LaTeX class files, style files, and instructions, especially for logicians. It includes, for instance, links to Josh Parson’s style file for setting formulas in Frege’s Begriffsschrift notation. Also, Peter’s own Using beamer.cls, mostly for transparencies: An intentionally incomplete guide, a short (12 pages) intro to using beamer. Something like that was urgently needed–the official manual is 127 pages long, and definitely does not tell you in a few simple steps how to get a simple presentation done using beamer.

One thought on “LaTeX for Logicians

  1. Last year when working up a symbolic test for a class I peaked into LaTeX briefly, loved it, but was intensely dissappointed by the lack of logic symbols and functions and whatnot. This fills my heart with warm gooiness.

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