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The Society for Exact Philosophy is meeting in Toronto right now. (Someone told me that the name of the society is a joke, but maybe they were joking. It’s serious philosophy, in any event. And it’s the 33rd annual conference, so if it’s a joke, it’s a long-running joke.) The keynote speakers are Jason Stanley, who did some rabble-rousing in phil of language today; Ernie Lepore, who spoke about quotation; and Jeff Pelletier, who will take steps towards “making it work” tomorrow (but I don’t know what “it” is, yet). Other highlights (that I attended) thus far: Michael Glanzberg on unrestricted quantification, Chris Pincock on applications of mathematics, Byeong-Uk Yi on Priest’s version of Zeno’s paradox, and Greg Ray on refuting epistemicism. I took some stabs at Brian’s recent “Truer” paper. (Two days of work getting the diagrams right in pgf!)

If I were a more conscientious blogger, I’d tell you what they all said. As it is, you’ll have to email them for their papers. But anyway, Phil Kremer put on a fine meeting, and y’all should come to the meeting next year in San Diego.

UPDATE: More fun yesterday: Jeff Pelletier showed how to get n-ary exclusive or from 3-ary exclusive or (you can’t get it from binary exclusive or); Imogen Dickie argued for the superiority of Fregean over Tarskian semantics for quantifiers; and Bernie Linsky presented Russell’s notes to Frege’s Grundgesetze and talked about what Russell understood of Frege’s work in 1902.

3 thoughts on “Exact Philosophy

  1. Sounds like an exciting group of talks! San Diego definitely sounds like some place I might be able to make it to more conveniently next year. Posted by Kenny Easwaran

  2. It’s really a shame I have to miss some of these talks. They sound damned interesting. Posted by lumpy pea coat

  3. I think wikis are a better way to discuss workshops than weblogs. Perhaps I should explain why, but I don’t have time. Posted by Charles Stewart

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