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I was looking around the Internets for courses in history of logic. I thought something like it would be hard to find–kind of an obscure and specialized topic. But then it turns out that Amsterdam’s ILLC requires such a course (Core Logic), and at Oxford it’s a history option (you can chose between The Rise of Logic and Modern Philosophy for your M.Litt., apparently). I hope this catches on. Do other grad programs offer such courses? I don’t think even CMU, Irvine, Notre Dame, or Berkeley do.

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  1. I visited Notre Dame for the Midwest PhilMath workshop back in October, and sat in on a history of logic class taught by Paddy Blanchette while I was there. I don’t know how often they offer it, but from my brief taste it seemed like a really interesting course.  Posted by Aidan McGlynn

  2. At Penn Bill Ewald teaches philosophy of math courses fairly regularly that are, in large part, history of logic courses and use his edited volumes _From Kant to Hilbert_ (which actually seem to start w/ Berkeley, oddly enough.) Posted by Matt

  3. In fact, the one at SFU is basically taking over the colloquia there for the semester since each week a new guest speaker is coming in to do a talk in the history of logic. Should be fun!Totally unrelated, but I just noticed today a shout out to Richard Zach in Paoli’s “Substructural Logics: A Primer”. Posted by lumpy pea coat

  4. Warren Goldfarb taught a history of logic class in Fall 2004 at Harvard, more along the lines of the Rise of Logic class linked to above than the Core Logic one (i.e. history of modern  logic). The course basically made its way through the highlights of From Frege to Goedel, and included things like “Was Sind” too. Of course, if I recall correctly, Warren said this was that course’s first appearance since 1968, just around the time that van Heijenoort’s collection first appeared, so not much of a trend there. (Intersting side note: I believe Bill Ewald was Warren’s first undergraduate thesis advisee, but I could be wrong about that.)CMU does not have a history of logic requirement. And as far as I can tell, there is no general history of logic course offered regularly. (I’m new here though, so I could be wrong about that too.) Posted by Ed Dean

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