Gödel Year 2006

2005 is Einstein Year. 2006 will be Gödel Year: on April 28, 2006, Kurt Gödel would have been 100 years old. So next year will be hectic if you want to hit all the Gödel-related events:

Gödel’s Philosophy, a session of the Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science, on February 27. Speakers: Juliette Kennedy, Palle Yourgrau, and Mark van Atten.

Truth and Proof: Kurt Gödel and the Foundations of Mathematics, a two-day conference at the University of Edinburgh, March 25 & 26. Speakers: John Dawson, Stewart Shapiro, Harvey Friedman, Torkel Franzén, Hannes Leitgeb, Panu Raatikainen, Philip Welch, Richard Zach

A symposium on Gödel in Brno, CZ, where Gödel was born, during the week of April 22-28. (No program yet.)

Horizons of Truth: Gödel Centenary 2006
, on April 27-29, which promises to be the highlight of the Gödel Year. This is a three-day affair in Vienna with a long list of speakers, including Gary Kasparov (!) at the conference banquet. Some of the invited speakers are: Paul Cohen, Sol Feferman, Harvey Friedman, Georg Kreisel, Roger Penrose, Hilary Putnam, Dana Scott, and Hugh Woodin.

Gödel Centenary: His Legacy for Computability, a special session at Computability in Europe, June 30-July 5, with speakers Torkel Franzén, Wilfried Sieg, and Richard Zach.

PS: This looks like a fun Einstein-related online event, happens tomorrow.

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