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Yarden Katz writes per email:

There’s a new site out — — where anyone can post videos of academic lectures. Right now it’s dominated by (very good) machine learning and statistics lectures, but there’s nothing on logic or philosophy. I was looking online for videos of logic-related lectures to add, but found virtually none. There are three links to logic-type talks by Martin Davis, Saul Kripke and John McCarthy at:

But they do not load for me. Perhaps others know of lectures on logic available online? It’d be a great idea to make lectures available online, if anyone has access to them. Maybe your readers will know.

Also, Merry Gödelmas! Kurtele would have been 101 today.

2 thoughts on “Videos of Lectures

  1. The lectures by Davis, Kripke, and John McCarthy require Windows Media Player 10. Unfortunately, they are not provided in the now-prevalent (thanks to YouTube) Flash format.I started the Davis lecture (there is someone else’s talk or an introduction at the beginning, it is not identified). These are very topical for me. Also, there is considerable other material on the philosophical side (e.g., Searle, Hofstadter, Dennett, Putnam and material on Cognitive Computing) on the “Brood Comb” site and the blog seems of high quality for an amateur such as myself.

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