A conference in honor of William Craig

Craig’s interpolation theorem is part of the standard logic curriculum. This and other results of Craig’s have had a profound significance in logic, philosophy of science, philosophy of logic, and computer science. Six internationally distinguished speakers will reflect on the importance and impact of Craig’s work: Solomon Feferman (Stanford), Michael Friedman (Stanford), Cesare Tinelli (University of Iowa), Dana Scott (Carnegie Mellon), Jouko Väänänen (University of Amsterdam and University of Helsinki), Johan van Benthem (University of Amsterdam and Stanford University). The organizers are Branden Fitelson, John MacFarlane, Paolo Mancosu, and Sherri Roush (Berkeley, Philosophy).

Where and when

The conference will take place in Howison Library, in Moses Hall, at the University of California, Berkeley, on May 13, 2007.

For a full program (and pictures of Bill Craig) see

3 thoughts on “Interpolations

  1. Thanks very much for posting about this event. Otherwise I would not have known about it. For those who missed the conference, Craig told the audience there would be an issue of _Synthese_ containing the proceedings, so you will get to see most of the content eventually if you keep your eyes peeled.

  2. At the meeting Dana Scott commented on the fact that lots of the hits for ‘Bill Craig’ on google weren’t in fact for the logician. Actually there were 6 ‘William Craig’s in wikipedia, but not a single one was the logician. so I went ahead and added a stub for the logician William Craig, it would be nice if people could make the stub into a real article.

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