Ted Sider: Logic for Philosophy

A year and a half ago, Andy Arana and I organized a session at the Pacific APA about logic and philosophy graduate education. One of the panelists was Ted Sider, who spoke about what kinds of logic he thought a philosophy grad student should know. He’s been teaching a course on exactly that, i.e., a “logic literacy” course for philosophers. His notes for that course have morphed into a book draft, and the book will eventually come out with OUP. The draft of Logic for Philosophy is available online. It covers propositional and first-order classical logic, many-valued and intuitionistic logics, modal logics, and counterfactuals. I haven’t read it all, but I’m lecturing more-or-less from Ch. 8 (on counterfactuals) in my modal logic class today–and that chapter was very helpful! So go and have a look and send comments and suggestions to Ted.

PS: The materials from the APA session have disappeared. I’m working on it.

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