Sabbatical in one week!

I’m on sabbatical next term, and am off to Europe in one week–and it looks like that’s not a day too soon. Teaching modal logic and history of analytic this term was a lot of fun, but I look forward to getting writing done. Don’t have much planned yet, but I’ll be in Toulouse for a few days in January, probably in Tel Aviv at some point maybe in February, probably also visit Greg Restall in Melbourne in April, and certainly will meet up with Steve Awodey in Jena or Marburg at some point to work on the Carnap Edition. Let me know if anything logic-related is happening that I shouldn’t miss, now that I can travel.

One thought on “Sabbatical in one week!

  1. Stella! said you should come to New Orleans in the Spring…she wants to work with you on a paper about Stalnaker’s conjecture.

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