4 thoughts on “Philosophy of Logic Books?

  1. There is a fairly recent Blackwell Anthology entitled _Philosophy of Logic_ which seems pretty good.I think there is consensus that John Etchemendy’s book _The Concept of Logical Consequence_ is an important recent contribution, though Etchemendy’s views are controversial.For work on trying to define the scope of logic, one might look at Tarski’s paper “What are Logical Notions?” and Gila Sher’s book _The Bounds of Logic_.There is other relevant work in the Tarski anthology _Logic, Semantics, Metamathematics_.If one were willing to delve that far back and farther, it would be easy to get lost in the classics of logic: Frege’s _Begriffsschrift_ and the introductory parts to Frege’s _Grundgesetze_ come to mind.Best, -Doug Marshall

  2. Whoops — now I see the “t” in “there”! At any rate, as much as anything I just wanted to let you know that people do read this blog. Thanks for posting. Best, -Doug

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