2008 Canadian Research Grants to Philosophers

SSHRC has posted the list of funded projects from the most recent Standard Research Grants competition. These grants are for three years. Last year’s results are here (plus lots of discussion on the politics of SSHRC in the comments section).

This year’s stats: 92 applications (2007: 88; 2006: 85, 2005: 96, 2004: 92), 28 grants, for a success rate of 30% (2007: 29%; 2006: 37%, 2005: 38%, 2004: 48%). Full stats here.

I went through the approx. 900 project titles for you; here’s a list of the projects that jumped out at me as being philosophy projects or where I recognized the applicants as philosophers. The list doesn’t give the department, nor does it give the grant selection committee, so some of these may have applied to a GSC other than philosophy–I don’t think there’s a way to tell. Also, As always, please email with corrections and additions. Congratulations to all (except the last)!

  1. Donald C. Ainslie, University of Toronto $53,500
    Hume’s bundle: scepticism and self-consciousness in the Treatise
  2. Robert W. Batterman, The University of Western Ontario $84,984
    Idealizations, singularities, and the applicability of mathematics
  3. Deborah L. Black, University of Toronto $45,400
    Cognition and the brain in medieval philosophy: the internal senses
  4. Ingo Brigandt, University of Alberta $66,652
    Integrating different biological approaches: a philosophical contribution
  5. M. Bryson Brown, The University of Lethbridge $94,618
    Raymond E. Jennings, Simon Fraser University
    Peter K. Schotch, Dalhousie University
    Preservationism: applications and extensions
  6. James Robert Brown, University of Toronto $114,924
    The nature of thought experiments
  7. Phil Corkum, University of Alberta $18,424
    Aristotle on ontological dependence
  8. Peter S. Eardley, University of Guelph $32,585
    The origins of ethical secularization: Aquinas to Luther
  9. Carlos Fraenkel, McGill University $81,394
    Religion as the handmaid of philosophy: the impact of Plato’s political thought on the philosophical interpretation of religion in antiquity, the middle ages, and the early modern period
  10. Lloyd P. Gerson, University of Toronto $54,950
    From Plato to Platonism
  11. Pablo Gilabert, Concordia University $60,879
    Basic global justice and the boundaries of normative responsibility
  12. Jean Grondin, Université de Montréal $102,920
    Herméneutique et déconstruction : le débat entre Gadamer et Derrida
  13. Ishtiyaque Haji, University of Calgary $76,802
    The relevance of free will to the intrinsic value of lives and worlds
  14. Benjamin D. Hill, The University of Western Ontario $25,960
    John Locke’s early epistemology and his practice of medicine
  15. David A. Hunter, Ryerson University $54,3400
    Belief and intention
  16. Philip A. Kremer, University of Toronto $55,482
    Truth and paradox
  17. Thomas M. Lennon, The University of Western Ontario $21,095
    Sacrifice: the philosophical significance of quietism
  18. Bernard Linsky, University of Alberta $51,778
    Studies in Whitehead and Russell’s principia mathematica
  19. Peter Ludlow, University of Toronto $96,240
    The philosophy of generative linguistics
  20. Ginette Michaud, Université de Montréal $70,981
    Édition des séminaires de Jacques Derrida -EHESS, 1995-2003
  21. Marleen Rozemond, University of Toronto $29,000
    The Achilles argument and the mind-body problem in the early modern period
  22. Ileana Paul, The University of Western Ontario $47,700
    Robert Stainton, The University of Western Ontario
    Varieties of predication
  23. Daniel J. Regnier, St. Thomas More College $54,791
    Phantasia – imagination – in ancient Greek philosophy
  24. Alexander Rueger, University of Alberta $70,930
    Kant’s aesthetic theory in context
  25. Robert Stainton, The University of Western Ontario $82,840
    Benjamin D. Hill, The University of Western Ontario
    Henrik Lagerlund, The University of Western Ontario
    History of philosophy of language
  26. Sergio Tenenbaum, University of Toronto $43,950
    Good and good for
  27. Douglas N. Walton, The University of Winnipeg $98,400
    Argumentation in artificial intelligence and law
  28. Richard Zach, University of Calgary $64,900
    Dirk Schlimm, McGill University
    The collected works of Rudolf Carnap

5 thoughts on “2008 Canadian Research Grants to Philosophers

  1. Two comments, 1) I believe Douglas Walton has now moved to University of Windsor. 2) I guess Peter Ludlow will have to forfeit his SSHRC now that he’s gone back to the USA.

  2. Congratulations on your project getting funded! And when you say 92 applications, you mean out of the 900+ total applications that 92 of them were in philosophy, and of those 28 got accepted?

  3. There were 2,731 applications. Of these, 92 went to committee 25 (Philosophy). Of these, 28 were funded. The list above may include applications that were funded through another committee (eg, classics, history, linguistics, law).

  4. Not meaning to be rude, but I’m a little surprised to see a certain Dalhousie logician on that list. He’s near the end of his career and he’s only published a couple papers in his lifetime. It seems like grant money would be better invested elsewhere.

  5. Unless I’m missing something a) the “certain Dalhousie logician” has many more than a couple of papers (his CV is on his website) and b) he’s not the only one on the grant. So I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about.

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