Interpolations: Essays in Honor of William Craig

Last year in May, Berkeley held a conference in honor of Bill Craig, who will turn 90 this coming November. Bill is probably best known for the Craig Interpolation Theorem and the theorem that every recursively enumerable theory is recursively axiomatizable. Just in time, the Festschrift arising from that conference has appeared online. It’s a special issue of Synthese, edited by Paolo Mancosu. The table of contents is below; Paolo’s introduction contains a nice outline of Bill’s life and work.

  1. Paolo Mancosu, Introduction
  2. William Craig, Elimination problems in logic: a brief history
  3. William Craig, The road to two theorems of logic
  4. Solomon Feferman, Harmonious logic: Craig’s interpolation theorem and its descendants
  5. William Demopoulos, Some remarks on the bearing of model theory on the theory of theories
  6. Michael Friedman, Wissenschaftslogik: The role of logic in the philosophy of science
  7. Jouko Väänänen, The Craig Interpolation Theorem in abstract model theory
  8. Giovanna D’Agostino, Interpolation in non-classical logics
  9. Gerard R. Renardel de Lavalette, Interpolation in computing science: the semantics of modularization
  10. Johan Benthem, The many faces of interpolation

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