Belnap, Art and Science of Logic

From Theorem(e):

Nuel Belnap now has two logic texbook drafts on his webpage :

Notes on the Art of Logic (.pdf, 310 p.)
Notes on the Science of Logic (.pdf, 237p.)

The first is an intro to logic, with truth table method, natural deduction proofs, etc., the second a course on metalogic, with completeness proofs.

I did mention it a short while ago, but there it may easily have been missed, and it’s a wonderful resource: Henri Galinon has a page with links to logic texts available online.

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  1. Hello Richard,thanks for advertising my “logic tutorials” page on your blog.Unfortunately, I have no more access to the back-office of that page. Consequently I cannot update it, nor delete it.The updated page, with links restored etc, is now there : the best, Henri

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