Diversity Summer Program on Paradoxes

Maureen Eckert is organizing Summer Program for Diversity: Logic at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth from May 22-28, 2016.  The program is open to undergraduates and recent graduates from underrepresented groups; there are 10 spaces and travel & lodging are provided.  The topic of the program is paradoxes:

Paradoxes present the ultimate challenge—contradictions. Logicians and philosophers work at solving or dissolving paradoxes. This program is an opportunity for students to investigate a range of formal techniques and systems aimed at solving paradoxes.

Guest speakers will address Self-Referential, Set-Theoretic, Epistemic and other types of paradoxes, presenting current research from a variety of perspectives. Classes and workshops are led by visiting faculty and Graduate Assistants.

So far the visiting faculty confirmed are Liam Kofi Bright (Carnegie Mellon University), Margaret Cuonzo (Long Island University), and Gillian Russell (University of North Carolina). Deadline to apply is April 18.

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