Blog Changes

So I got fed up with Bloglines one time too many, and I switched to Google Reader. It maybe it’s just that I’m still getting used to it, but I find the user interface of Bloglines a bit more intuitive. And it has served me well for years. Wait–Why do I feel bad about switching feed readers? Anyway. Google Reader has this “shared item” thingy where you can mark posts as you read them and Google Reader will put them on a separate (public) page. So instead of writing a post pointing to someone else’s post, I can now just put it in the “Elsewhere” box to the left. You can’t see that box if you’re reading this blog through a reader, and chances are you’re subscribed to many or most of the blogs in my blogroll anyway. But if you really care a lot about which other posts I find interesting but can’t bring myself to post about because I wouldn’t have any thing more to say than “look over there!”–then you can subscribe to the feed.

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